A Full Comparison: What Bill 23 Means For Ottawa

Published Apr 06, 23
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Where a rezoning or website plan commendation is permitted, the estimate will continue to be frosted for two years. The different cost has been reduced to one hectare for each 600 net domestic units if land is actually taken, and one hectare for each 1,000 internet domestic systems for cash-in-lieu of parkland, as well as undergoes a limit of 10 percent of the land for properties 5 hectares or even a lot less, as well as 15 every cent of the land for lands more than 5 hectares. Bill 23 Ottawa.

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The checklist of such municipalities may be expanded through policy. On the day that arrangements recognizing "upper-tier communities without planning tasks" come right into impact, any part of the upper-tier district's main planning which puts on a lower-tier town is actually regarded as to constitute a formal planning of the lower-tier municipality until the lower-tier community revokes or changes it.